2014 Big Brew Day on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at Pagosa Brewing Company

Let's get together for the 2014 Big Brew for National Homebrew Day to make some beer on Saturday, May 3, from 10 am - 3 pm, at Pagosa Brewing Company. Bring your homebrew equipment and yourself if you'd like to make a batch with other homebrewers. If you don't have equipment and just have an interest in homebrew or beer in general, come on out and share in the camaraderie, too.

Check out more information for the 2014 Big Brew for National Homebrew Day event below, including the official recipes for the event. You can brew the official Pale Ale, Stout or Schwarzbier recipes or brew something else on your own. Pagosa Brewing will provide water for brewing and beer and food will be available for purchase. Hope to see you there on Saturday and contact us with any questions.


You can view event detials at http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/aha-events/national-homebrew-day/big-brew-events/?site_id=1660. Note the date is incorrect on the event and should say May 3. See you on Saturday morning!


HOPS Head Organizers

January 2014 HOPS Meeting

Happy 2014! Well with a new year comes a whole bunch of new beers to try - and I think I am up for the challenge! I'll bet you are too. :-) There are some exciting changes taking place around Pagosa with the beer scene. Pagosa Brewing is undergoing a major expansion project, Riff Raff Brewing is starting to gets it's feet under it and there is a third brewery, Wolfe Brewing Co, that is slated to open up here in Pagosa in the next couple of months! If you like beer (and if you are on this mailing list I assume you do) then little ol' Pagosa is a good place to be right now!
In HOPS news, be it a good thing or not, we have outgrown our previous hosting facilities. Rumor has it that the fire marshal saw a photo of us HOPS Heads cramalamma'd into Pagosa Brewing's brewhouse for one of our meetings and he put the kibosh on the cramalamming. That said, be it at Pagosa Brewing or Riff Raff, the club is bigger than it's old britches and so some changes must be made. We have several leads on other locations that we can meet at, and those details will be shared as they come in. For this month's meeting, which is this coming Tuesday the 28th, Don Wolfe and the Gang at Wolfe Brewing have been kind enough to offer a spot for the HOPS club. Please recognize, these guys are still under construction, but it will be a great opportunity to meet them and see what the latest in the Pagosa Beer Scene has to offer. This month is Belgian Beers, so bring a couple 12oz-ers or a Bomber, and as always, homebrew of any style is welcome. We'll see you on Tuesday at 6:00 for the meeting at Wolfe Brewing Co. More details below!

Cheers ~

Randini the Beer Spammer

Things you prolly otta know about:

  • HOPS Meeting, Jan 28th, 6:00 - This month's HOPS meeting will be held at Wolfe Brewing Co at 2045 Eagle Drive on top of Putt Hill in the old Cool Water Plumbing building next door to the office supply store. Bring a Belgian beer to share or some homebrewed whatevers. If you have extra chairs and folding tables please bring them along since we have a big, open floor to fill. Also, there is no kitchen yet so please either eat before hand or bring some snacks along. PLEASE NOTE - Being the first of the year it is that happy time that we start collecting dues again. More on that below.
  • DUES FUN - Now that we need to find a place to rent I suppose the Dues money may mean more than it used to! We will keep the same rates for now: $20 per person for the year or $25 for a couple for the year. For those that do not want to / don't have the dough to sign up right away, we do ask for a $5 donation to the club for the tasting. As acting president (emphasis on the acting part) and Debra Sandoval as Treasurer, you can get with either of us and we'll get you on "The List", whatever "The List" is and wherever it may be... ;-)

  • Upcoming Styles of the Month - Below are the styles that we will be going over for the next few months. As mentioned above, the location of the meeting is TBD, but I will keep spamming you with updates as they come in.
    January - Belgian Beers
    February - Stouts
    March - Marzen / Lagers
    April - TBD - Bring your ideas!
    May - TBD - Bring your ideas!

Again, I hope to see you on Tuesday!

Cheers ~


May HOPS Meeting at Riff Raff Brewing: May 28, 2013

Hiya HOPS heads, 

Sorry for the late reminder, but we are having a HOPS meeting tonight. This time around it will be hosted by Riff Raff Brewing Co at 274 Pagosa Street in downtown Pagosa Springs. The HOPS club will rotate each month between the different breweries in town, so mark your calendars that on odd months you will be at Riff Raff (an odd bunch, so it should be easy to remember!) and on even months we will meet at Pagosa Brewing Co. As usual, plan on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00. 

This month we will be sampling IPAs (my flavourite). Bring a sample to share and we'll see you around 6:00 at Riff Raff Brewing Co.

Cheers ~ 


Big Brew Day this Saturday, May 11, at Riff Raff Brewing Company

Howdy HOPS Heads,

We're planning to have our Big Brew Day this weekend at Riff Raff 
Brewing Company in downtown Pagosa Springs at 274 Pagosa Street. We'll 
start the event at 10 am and make sure to bring your homebrew setup. You 
can brew whatever style you want and hopefully you'll brew something for 
the upcoming Homebrew Hoedown in June.

We have a couple of guest beers on draft and Tony Simmons is going to 
bring some beer from Pagosa Brewing Company as well. Feel free to bring 
your homebrew or commercial beers to share...this is a fun day of 
everyone brewing together! Holler at me at jason@riffraffbrewing.com or 
264-4677 if you have any questions.

Re: HOPS Meeting Tuesday!

Hi Randy, This is Bill from On The Rocks. I was wondering if you are still in interest of the two tanks that I have. I am close to finalizing contracts with the owner and I want to reopen this conversation if your interested...

Thanks Bill Thacker

HOPS Meeting Tuesday!

Hiya HOPS Heads,
Sorry, no Brewsletter this month (please hold your applause) - things have been pretty hectic getting Riff Raff Brewing up and running. We are still aiming for a late May opening, so hang in there for updates or check out  https://www.facebook.com/riffraffbrewing for updates.

Tuesday is our HOPS meeting, we will see you at Pagosa Brewing Co at 6:00. This month we will be covering (drum roll please) Barrel Aged Beer! Woohoo! This is gonna be a fun one I can tell. Since we have not been organized enough to establish color groups yet, we will just let people bring what they can find and we'll go from there. We will also be going over details on some of the upcoming events below:

Group Brew Day - Saturday, April 27th we were hoping to get together and brew some goodies. However, we have had some technical difficulties with our website (I wonder if this will even come through) and that date may get pushed. The "long of the short of it" is that if you want to brew beer, HOPS will pay for the ingredients. Bring a list of your ingredients to the meeting and we'll see what we can put together.

Big Brew Day - Saturday, May 4th is National Big Brew Day. We'll see if we do anything on this date or if we do it all up on April 27th.

Homebrew Hoedown - June 15th? If we are going to pull this off we need to get some stuff put together.

Anyway, looking forward to trying some barrel aged brewskis with the crew on Tuesday. See you then!

Cheers ~
Randini the Beer Spammer

Homebrew Specials

Hi Again,
Randini the Beer Spammer strikes again! Bwah hah haaaa!

Tony with Pagosa Brewing Co was kind enough to forward this message along to the club. There are some great prices listed below. If anyone is interested we can organize a group purchase. If you would like me to forward the catalog I can do so if it does not come through in this post.

Cheers ~

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike Stich mstich@allsafe.net>
Date: Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 1:02 PM
Subject: Kegs+
To: tony@pagosabrewing.com

    Hello Tony, Hope you’re having a great spring. Maybe I can make it greater with some homebrew specials. I’ve attached our most recent homebrew wholesale cataog, (most pricing hasn’t changed in over 3 years). Plus, I’ve listed, (below), some ‘super-specials’ good til the end of this month. We are well-stocked on new kegs, keg parts and CO2 cylinders.

    We are totally out of “used ball lock kegs”, but have many, many pin lock kegs at a much lesser cost of only $28 each, when getting the ‘new product’ discount. Here’s our specials:


New 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank----------------------------------$41.51 each, (min. of 6)

New 5 gallon ball lock keg #CKN5----------------------------$79.91 each, (min. of 6)

New ball lock lid with manual relief valve--------------------$10.35 each, (min. of 20)

New pin lock disconnects, gas/liquid,barbed/threaded-$2.91  each, (min. of 20)

New pressure relief valves-----------------------------------------$2.46 each,  (min. of 20)


The above prices will be good through April 30th. All new product purchased can count towards getting the discounted used pin lock kegs. Contact me with questions you might have.

Have a great weekend!




Mike Stich

All Safe, Inc.


Cell: 612-366-0967

Toll Free:  866-958-3473 Ext. 103

Fax:  651-408-7163

Email:  mstich@all-safe.net

Visit our new website... www.allsafe.net

Group Brew Day!

Hiya HOPS Heads,
I wanted to post this notice for our Pagosa club members. HOPS is throwing a local brew party and covering the ingredients for YOUR brews! Sorry, only Pagosa peoples get in on the free ingredients for the brew, but everyone else is invited to attend the party! Jon Hughes is heading this fun, so contact him directly with your ingredient lists or if you have further questions.

(Details below)

Cheers ~



Hey everybody,
Somebody had a great idea to have a brew day and have the club pay for the ingredients. Free beer! What's not to like. So I wanted to see what everyone is interested in making. I was thinking of a diverse group like an American Brown, IPA or a Belgian Strong. Yummy. If you have an idea or a great recipe send it to me so I can order the ingredients.
In order to have everything ready to sample at our four corners homebrew gathering I'd like to set our Group Brew Day for April 27. Riff Raff brewing company is pleased to host the party at their new location downtown. Lunch will be provided but BYOB. Please let me know if you would like to attend.
Please give me your list of ingredients by the 17th so I can order them in time.

This is a great opportunity to learn if you have never brewed before and a guaranteed good time. Also, if you know someone who might be interested in learning, bring them along!

Jon Hughes

Star Liquors March Beer Newsletter (Durango)

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes"  Oscar Wilde

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Hello beer lovers and home brewers!

     Spring has sprung and we are slowly warming up.  The grass is just starting to green up and most of the snow has melted off at lower elevations.  The spring seasonals are here in force and I finally feel like drinking them!  So lets talk beer!

    Magic Hat Brewing in South Burlington, Vermont has released Pistil their dandelion beer. A great thirst quencher, floral with tart lemon, grass and malt.  They also use acidulated malts, which add to the tart quality of the beer in a decidedly not hoppy way.  A 6pk of 12oz bottles is $7.69.

     Telluride Brewing (shout out to Tommy, one of the owners!) has finally canned their Face Down Brown, which won double gold last year at the GABF and IBF.  Roasted malts provide flavors of coffee with cocoa and hints of nuttiness and a little toffee is thrown in with a gently hoppy finish.  A little thin on the mouth feel but nice lively carbonation.  We are very happy to partner up with Telluride Brewing and have a great price for their 6pk of cans for $7.29.

     Rogue Brewing in Newport Oregon has released another Voodoo Doughnut beer!!! The iconic pink bottle holds another unusual combination of ingredients for a brew.  Inspired by a Fritter at Voodoo Doughnut, introducing the Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Ale.  I was surprised that the beer is not sweet yet all the ingredients registered on the palate.  The chocolate was more of the dark bittersweet variety, I also wonder if the banana flavor was augmented by the yeast selection in addition to the Pac-Man yeast that is proprietary to Rogue.   Peanut butter registered but yet again it lacked any sweetness that I associate with that flavor.  Mouth feel for me was almost a little chalky, and thin, decent carbonation.  I think this is a must try beer for all beer drinkers because it really pushes the envelope of brewing.  I would pair it with a dessert to make up for the dry finish.  22oz of this pink bottle goodness is $11.99.

     New Belgium is in the Imperial IPA game now with Rampant, an addition to their front line 6 packs.  This is an approachable DIPA that does not pound your taste buds into submission but rather makes you appreciate what a very hoppy beer can be when brewed with balance.  Grapefruit and pine are showcased but hints of dried and tropical fruits are present.  The malt is sweet and a little fruity which does a great job balancing out the bitter finish.  Lingering pine and grapefruit finish strong in this well brewed beer.  I would recommend Rampant to any IPA drinker who wants to take it up a notch.  A 6pk is $9.59 or a 22oz bomber is $4.39.

     That’s all I have for you this month but look to next month when I will be discussing SKA’s new Mint Stout.  In addition SKA will be the Beer of the Month for April and April 17th Mexican Logger will be released!!!  We have a little Euphoria left but it will be gone soon, so if you need to stock up hurry in.  Enjoy laying out your gardens and planning for another great spring in Colorado!
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Re: HOPS Meeting Tonight

Prescription for tonight.

Kenny Rogers

(303) 902-5340 (C)

(970) 731-8339 (H)

May your troubles be less, may your blessings be more, and
may nothing but happiness come through your door.

From: Randini [mailto:randy@speeddirect.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 9:02 AM
To: krogers47@centurytel.net
Subject: [pagosahops.org] HOPS Meeting Tonight

Hiya HOPS Heads,

Sorry for the late notice - things have been pretty hectic down at Riff Raff Brewing Co. Our brewing equipment arrived yesterday - woohoo!

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that tonight is the HOPS meeting: Pagosa Brewing Co. at 6:00. Tonight we will be covering Red and Amber Ales, one of my personal favorites. Hope to see you there!

Cheers ~

Randini the Beer Spammer